History of Captive Insurance

History of Captive Insurance

The insurance industry is massive and can be easily overwhelming. With so many different facets and fields of business under the insurance umbrella, it can be hard to navigate for various needs. For example, the niche of captive insurance might not be familiar to many people outside of the insurance world, but it has an important place nonetheless. Explore this breakdown of the captive insurance industry


First, it’s important to understand captive insurance itself. Essentially, a captive insurer is a subsidiary company that is actually owned by the people it was designed to insure. It is designed specifically to protect those it was created to insure. One of the biggest benefits of captive insurance is that the coverage and policies are so personal that the service is tough to beat. Similarly, this can often decrease costs typically associated with insurance and allow for greater control if and when claims ultimately arise. 


Captive insurance is actually a relatively modern creation. Captive insurance was legally confirmed and incentivized in the late 1980s to assist a struggling sector of the small business world. However, the concept itself is much older than its current iteration. In fact, some say this practice can be traced in its earliest forms back to 500 years ago in the trading world in Europe. Much, an American risk management company coined the term “captive” in the late 1950s. By the next decade, hundreds of other small companies had jumped into the practice. Once again, this can be traced back to the trading world. There were many desirable products coming in and out of Bermuda, but specific regulations from the United States were making it difficult to operate in trade with Bermuda. The captive insurance was designed almost as a loophole and ending up with some staying power. Now, many companies continue to use captive insurance to the fullest. 

My New Roommates Are Sort of Crazy

My New Roommates Are Sort of Crazy

Of course the main thing I need in a roommate is for them to show up with their part of the rent and utility bills on a regular basis. The last one was sort of scary to be honest. We did just fine for a few months, then I stopped seeing the guy. I realized that he was only leaving his room in the middle of the night. I saw him once when I had to pee in the night. It was scary. At any rate the new guys are involved in something called bahis siteleri, or betting on soccer. If they have stopped taking their crazy pills I can not tell it. That was apparently what happened with the other guy. I got in touch with his parents and they knew at once that he was not on his medications and they told me to be careful not to set him off. I had already packed up by then and I found a new place.…

3 Things Transportation Businesses Should Consider

3 Things Transportation Businesses Should Consider

In today’s world, people are looking for ways to save time and money. For many, that includes using alternate transportation methods such as taxi services and rail. While someone else drives, the customer can multi-task and, perhaps, relax from a crazy day. Making the profit margin strong, however, can be a concern. With that in mind, consider three things could potentially bring more success.

Analyze Data

One aspect of a lucrative business is the ability to remain open to change. After all, progress wasn’t gained without adapting and growing. With that in mind, don’t guess about what works and what doesn’t. Instead, use facility data management. By analyzing information, you allow the experts to focus in on your strengths and identify weaknesses. Then, with a team, you can work together to enhance the store’s profits.

Emphasize Comfort

Whether riding the rails or hopping in a cab, the rider wants to feel comfortable. This consists of two elements. The driver should have a safety record, with license prominently displayed, and the interior of the vehicle should present itself as clean and pleasant. Mass transportation companies could consistently publish safety records for the public to review, using modern apps or online pages for easy access. Establish standards for drivers and encourage feedback reviews, allowing business owners to have a clear understanding of the experience. 

Create Convenience

How easy is it to get a ride? If it’s not, people may not use it. Therefore, make it convenient. Routes should be easy for people to catch, making it one less hassle in the day. During peak times, plan on several drivers or, for trains, make numerous routes to a similar area. Another consideration is the trip itself. Getting in and out is a pain, so is making several stops. Attempt to have as many one-way trips as possible.

People need to go places, but they can have options other than the car. Stay open-minded and try to make the experience enjoyable. 

Keep a Few Things in Mind Before Starting the Search for Your Next Dream Job

Keep a Few Things in Mind Before Starting the Search for Your Next Dream Job

In any economy, positions in certain professions can be more difficult to find than others. For those hunting for the right job, however, keeping a clear focus on the goal at hand can help make an otherwise overwhelming situation appear far more manageable. Start off by keeping the following points in mind and look forward to getting to work in the perfect setting as soon as possible.

Find Expert Help Where You Can

Although online job searches can make it easier than ever to start the process, other sources with more direct experience and expertise might be better suited to putting the finishing touches on the entire ordeal. For example, it might be helpful to begin looking for the best staffing agencies Boston sooner rather than later. These professionals are best able to navigate the terrain of an often uncertain job market.

Find Ways to Be Creative

People often go into a period of searching for a new career with a preconceived notion of what the perfect position will include. Instead, it might be more advantageous to approach the situation with few expectations. Sure, it makes sense to look for positions that exploit particular training or talents. Nevertheless, there might be new, interesting and even more profitable realms of the industry than might have first been apparent. 

Find Opportunities to Shine

When the time comes for an interview, call or email with a prospective employer, remember to let personality and confidence come through whenever possible. Try not to be nervous, but see it as a chance to put the best foot forward and make a lasting first impression.
There are many moving parts in any job search. No matter where you might be on that journey, however, the simple tips listed above can go a long way toward making the right path a bit easier to choose.

Best Practices for Keeping Your Storeroom Organized

Best Practices for Keeping Your Storeroom Organized

The storeroom in your restaurant is just as important as the kitchen or the dining room. An unsanitary or disorganized storeroom can frustrate employees, waste ingredients, and compromise profit. Investing some time and money into organizing your stockroom can take your restaurant from good to great.

Label Strategically

Walking into your storeroom and locating items should be as easy as a trip to the grocery store. Take the time to label everything in your kitchen can help employees know where to find vital supplies and when to use perishable items. Purchasing some restaurant shelf labels is an easy way to document when ingredients were prepped, when they need to be used by, and what employees were involved in the process. Labeling items and shelves can aid in keeping accurate stock of inventory and knowing when to order more supplies. 

Control the Environment

The environmental conditions in your pantry can have a big impact on the shelf-life of your items. Moisture, temperature, and light are the three crucial factors to keeping food and supplies from spoiling in your stockroom. Keeping a thermometer in as easy to read area can help you quickly monitor and efficiently maintain ideal temperatures. Dark and windowless storerooms are best to prevent the oxidation that occurs when food is exposed to light. A dehumidifier can control excess moisture that rust shelving and destroy ingredients.

Use the Proper Shelving

Shelving not only makes finding supplies a breeze but it can also help you stay on top of health code standards. Getting the proper shelving ensures your goods stay sanitary and away from the floor, a common health code violation, and makes your merchandise easier to get to. Capitalizing on well-made, durable shelving material that is the right height and width for your stockroom paramount to avoiding repair fees or damage costs down the road.

When running a restaurant, it’s easy to be consumed by new recipes, customer satisfaction, and managing employees. Make sure to give your storeroom the attention it deserves to help boost your eatery to the next level.