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5 of the Strangest Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

5 of the Strangest Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

We don’t always know all the jobs that exist only to make our lives easier, more efficient or more comfortable. In fact, we may have never even heard of some of them and, if we have, we may not have a clue to what they are. If your neighbor said that he performed silicon wafer dicing, would you have any idea what he was talking about? Probably not. However, there are many of these odd but necessary professions or job functions that enable more quality products or provide a service that would not be available otherwise.


This job typically requires a Ph.D. and can pay into the 6 figure range. They formulate both natural and artificial flavorings.

Urine Farmer

Yes, you read that right. A urine farmer harvests the urine of wild animals. Deer urine is used by hunters to attract deer. Fox urine is a deterrent for squirrels and other potentially destructive wild animals.

Train Pusher

Anywhere else in the world, this would probably incite a fight. However, in Japan, it is a legitimate profession. Their trains transport 40 million passengers every day. They are so overcrowded that Oshiyas are hired to push people in until the doors can close. And you thought your commute was tough!

Dog Food Taster

Believe it or not, some people accept a job that requires them to taste dog food. The dog food taster is there to note differences in taste, texture and nutritional qualities. While they do have to put it in their mouth long enough to record the details, they do not have to consume it. Most spit it out once they have the information they need.

Cat Catcher

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle an unwilling feline into a carrier or persuade them to come out from behind heavy furniture, you know why this is a not just a skill but a valuable service. Luckily there are those brave few souls who hire out specifically for these tasks.…

Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind After an Arrest

Here Are a Few Things to Keep in Mind After an Arrest

An arrest can easily derail an individual’s life. There are many intricacies to the criminal justice system and several serious hurdles to clear before putting a charge or conviction in the rearview mirror. Don’t try to do it alone, though. Following the simple steps listed below can help make the prospect of facing a trial a bit more manageable. 

Secure Funds for Bail if Possible

Bail or bond is not offered in some jurisdictions and for some criminal charges. For many other defendants, however, there is an opportunity to get out of jail and start working on defense as soon as possible. If a judge has agreed to allow bail bonds Allentown PA in a particular case, the defendant’s work can begin. Finding the right agent for the job can ensure enough freedom to begin working on the next step of the process.

Get Down to Business With Your Legal Team

There are typically a few options when attaining a criminal defense attorney. Some defendants are capable of paying for their own lawyers while others rely on a court-appointed attorney. Either way, these experts are vital to presenting a robust explanation for any alleged crime. 

Do Not Disregard the Judge’s Orders

Even those who are granted release on bail are usually expected to abide by a host of regulations and restrictions. In addition to staying out of further legal trouble, it is imperative to keep in mind any other stipulations voiced by the judge in a case. Failure to do so could result in the bond being revoked and might land an individual back behind bars until the trial.
There is no doubt that facing a criminal trial is a big issue that deserves a person’s full commitment and attention. Nevertheless, it is not an insurmountable process and a few simple steps will help anyone navigate the system as easily as possible.…

Why You Should Consider Fire Sprinklers

Why You Should Consider Fire Sprinklers

Fires can be devastating for homes and commercial buildings. When a fire spreads out of control, it can destroy everything in its path. This is why it’s crucial to have some form of fire protection in your building. Smoke alarms, detectors, and other fire protection systems are must-haves. If you don’t already have fire sprinklers, here is why you should consider them.

Decrease Potential Loss

After a fire, you run the risk of losing everything. You can lose your building, your assets and if you own your own business, you have to deal with the business interruption costs. While insurance may help with any damages left by a fire, you may want to try to decrease these losses from the start. The need for fire sprinklers or at the very least working fire sprinklers cannot be understated. If you have sprinklers, but they’re not maintained, you may need to follow suit with other businesses and invest in fire sprinkler repair California residents rely on.

Contain the Fire Immediately

While all buildings should have smoke detectors, flame detectors or heat detectors to warn the building’s occupants in case of a fire, there is little that the occupants can do about the situation. To make sure everyone is safe is the number one priority, but it’s the fire department that helps contain the fire and it may be several minutes before they arrive. Sprinklers can significantly slow down the spread of fire. This will not only give people a chance to get out of the building but minimize your potential losses.

When it comes to your building’s safety, you need to have fire protection. Not only will you protect your assets, but you will protect the people inside. With fire sprinkler systems, you are able to contain fires quickly and decrease any potential loss that it may cause.…

Don’t Dig That Trench!

Don’t Dig That Trench!

When it comes to repairing your sewer line, there are several options available. You probably don’t want to do the work yourself, so technicians will offer one of several repair technology methods. These include several forms of trenchless technology, including pipe bursting, relining and curing in place, pull-in-place, inversion lining, and moling.

Modern Twists on a Traditional Method

Several of these methods, such as trenchless pipe repair, are faster and less expensive than older techniques. Trenchless technology, for example, eliminates the need to dig a deep trench around damaged pipes. Instead, workers dig a small hole at each end of the line. This technology isn’t really new; it was used by coal miners in the 1930s, but today the method has expanded in many areas of civil engineering, including repairing your sewer line.

Breaking Up Old Pipes

Pipe bursting, a specific form of trenchless repair, also requires a small opening at each end of the line. A heavy-duty cable is inserted through the line until it comes out the other end. At this point, a specialized head is attached. As the cable is pulled back through, the head breaks apart the existing pipe. This method is generally only used when the pipe cannot be saved.

Relining Damaged Pipes

Another trenchless method is used to quickly repair sections of a pipe. The use of a cured-in-place-pipe, or CIPP, leaves sewer lines stronger than they were original. The resulting liner seals cracks and other damages. A high-pressure stream of water may be used to clean out the old pipe and to seal the new lining. Pull-in-place lining repairs is a similar process that requires a fiberglass and resin liner. This liner is generally sealed with heat or with steam.

Preventing Damages

An inversion lining is a preventative option used on pipes that show minimal damage. The liner may be constructed from resin and a felt tube. The end result provides the sewer line with strength and durability.

Putting in New Pipes

The moling method requires the use of a powerful machine that drives a steel cylinder along the proposed path of a new pipeline. As the path is created, the pipe itself can be pushed through.…

Three Easy Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money

Three Easy Ways Your Small Business Can Save Money

If your small business has grown rapidly in a short amount of time, your needs are different than they used to be. Suddenly you need more employees, a larger workspace and more supplies to fit these new employees. Sure, you’re making money, but all this can get expensive in a hurry. How can you save money as your business grows?

1. Buy Secondhand

Office furniture doesn’t have to be brand-spankin’ new to serve its purpose. You can always upgrade in the future, but for now, why not look for pre owned office chairs and desks for your employees?

  • The Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity are great places to look for secondhand furniture. They are often gently used and in overall good condition.

2. Bulk Orders

Wholesale clubs like Costco and Sam’s Club are an added expense initially, but they pay for themselves after only a few uses. Instead of ordering things like paper and toner from an office supply company, try a wholesale club.

  • business membership at Costco is only $60, and one of these cards allows you to purchase items for work and home, as well as resale items.

3. No Paper Trail

Paystubs, company memos and instruction manuals all have something in common: They use too much paper! Save money and be kind to Mother Earth by taking paperless options. These can be as simple as emailing the meeting agenda instead of printing it, or opting for direct deposit instead of handwritten paychecks.

  • Don’t forget about documents, spreadsheets and other things that can stay on your computer. Upload your documents to the cloud and organize and purge as you need to.

Rapid growth in a short time is a good problem to have! If your small business has gotten a lot bigger recently, money-saving options can help you stay afloat. You can have a successful operation without breaking the bank.