Benefits of Working or Investing with Consumer Portfolio Services

Benefits of Working or Investing with Consumer Portfolio Services

Since 1991, Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) has provided indirect automobile financing via franchised dealerships. This independent company assists people with low incomes, past credit problems, and no credit history purchase safe and reliable late-model vehicles. There are several benefits to dealership owners and investors who become involved with this company. Take a look to determine if the company can help with reaching your goals.

Dealership Owners

Working with CPS attracts new customers to the dealership, builds up the business reputation as the place to go for a vehicle, and supports local customers who may not otherwise qualify for financing. This is how it works. The company approves the buyer and the dealership presents the contract agreement with the customer. Once signed, CPS buys the contract from the dealership. The business essentially gets the credit for getting customers into vehicles, CPS makes a small profit, and customers drive away with a vehicle. The situation is win-win-win.


This investment opportunity is low-cost, low-risk, and high-yield. It is perfect for new investors, those who want to balance risks in their portfolios, and investors looking for a long-term investment. The company has grown from one office to having over one-thousand employees in five branches. Dealerships in forty-eight states work with CPS, and active customers currently number one-hundred and seventy-five-thousand.

The company is traded publicly on NASDAQ as CPSS. Trading as of December 6, 2018, was at $3.55 per share. This is about the average pricing based on a fifty-two-week high of $4.70 and a fifty-two-week low of $3.18.

Access to Information

Keeping dealerships and investors informed is a company priority that serves purposes of transparency and accountability. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for both dealership owners and investors are available right on the website, as is detailed information regarding policies and procedures. Other forms of information include investor highlights, presentations, webcasts, news releases, and a calendar of events.

Conference calls and emails are also available means of communication. There are very few opportunities these days for solid and stable investments and business propositions. The company has almost forty years of success and plans on growing steadily. Explore the possibilities and discover all the options that can benefit your business or portfolio.

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