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Since: 2008-08-24 (2465 days)
Scam/Closed (estimated): 2010-03-10
Lifetime: 563 days
1-1.9% daily or 6-9% weekly
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Program's Description

Have you been looking for a high-yield deposit account with flexible terms of investment? The Genius HYDA combines one of the highest returns in the industry with the flexibility of your local bank account. Receive up to 25% per month and be able to withdraw capital or interest at any time.

Genius HYDA is a fixed interest deposit account. There is no term of deposit on the account, which means that you can withdraw funds from your account at any time. The interest is payable daily. A ten-day notice must be given prior to withdrawal from Genius HYDA.

Genius Funds manages three investment funds. Our funds are investing mainly in highly lucrative equities and bonds, focusing on emerging economies. We offer investment products that provide flexibility, keeping pace with the individual demands of our investors.

Program Information
Minimal Spend: $10.00
Withdrawal Type: Instant
Accepted currencies
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InvestOnSite 2008.08.24
(2465 days)
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Goldpoll 2008.09.18
(2440 days)
- / ? 1 1858.1 Unknown 62 months ago
Maxhyip 2008.08.24
(2465 days)
- / ? - 35% Unknown 63 months ago
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