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Since: 2012-04-23 (1392 days)
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Minimal Spend: $10
Up to 1.3% daily
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Hyipexplorer 2012.04.23 00:00:00
(1392 days)
- / ? - - Not Paying 34 months ago
Goldpoll 2012.04.23 00:00:00
(1392 days)
- / ? 1 9.8 Not Paying 35 months ago
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Rating: 0.0 / 10.0
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24.2.*.* 14 Mar, 13
Scam, I need your help, I invested $1,600 a month ago and can't log in ever since. I reset password 5 times and sent a dozen emails to admin and never a response or any thing. I am a down line of your and need your help. My account is taylor68 and my email is

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