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Comments on Pro Forex Union from different places.

Site back up and trade reports are also there I think it was just some problem with the web. Did anyone get paid or got any update about what has happened? [IMG]
- excellentbusines... on Apr 10, 09:20 am - 44 months ago (MMG)
i also sent my email to solid trust pay.
- marg75205 on Apr 09, 09:50 pm - 44 months ago (MMG)
all their forex statement is fake
they do ponzi system and require new members to be cheated
see their statement dated 4-4-13 profit of 65 million dollars that crazy numbers
I no need investors if I gain as much as it
- hamsa on Apr 07, 02:39 am - 44 months ago (TG)
Next payment received again

The amount of 2.4 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Memo: API Payment.. Date: 10:35 27.11.12. Batch: 13836869.

Thanks Admin
- shumonitor on Apr 07, 02:39 am - 44 months ago (TG)
they put news of April 6th, 2013 and daily statement of April 5th, 2013 but there is no payment completed nor support reply till today.!!

i wonder if they turned to scam why are they putting such docs?!
- moonport on Apr 07, 12:48 am - 44 months ago (TG)
I am very sorry to have made investments here, I lost a lot of money
- adiprabowo on Apr 06, 05:33 pm - 44 months ago (MMG)
STP has investigation department and I asked them to check with PFU admin why he stopped paying. And logic reaction of STP could be to freeze PFU account. But STP allways protect cheaters, in this case PFU.
- carlog on Apr 06, 03:30 pm - 44 months ago (TG)
answer from stp investigation:

As per procedure, we have looked into this merchant for you. The merchant is still paying out to customers, and the website is still up and running.

Therefore, for any further assistance please contact the merchant directly with any concerns or questions. You join these programs at your own risk. Until the merchant either closes down or stops making payments to their customers there is nothing more that we can do for you.

Please also refer to the User Agreement link on the bottom of our web page, and under point 5, is the Buyer Beware Policy.

Kind Regards

Investigation Department

The comment is against the grain...
- carlog on Apr 05, 02:03 pm - 44 months ago (TG)
QUOTE (cdog94544 @ Apr 4 2013, 03:16 PM) [IMG]
Why was this thread moved to closed? The site is not offline. Did admin announce that the programs has officially come to an end?

Hello Everyone ,
I join a while back doing reading every so often.But now I came to see what was going on with Proforexunion .

I invested there for the 30 day ,any ways it expired Mar 30 ,so I was johnny on the spot and when my money was available
I made a withdraw request for $828. Well it is still saying {waiting} must be the same as pending else where.I tryed the
live chat it it said online and when I go to talk it says no body on duty leave message done that twice.emailed once but to
get no response no nothing.After reading here I turned a complaint in to stp investigating dept.Plus I went to there fb page
post and came back in about an hour my post was gone and all the comment links were gone also ....must block me from their
page. I did find this page tho -

Needless to say I lost money again.
- ted1948 on Apr 05, 02:30 am - 44 months ago (MMG)
Why was this thread moved to closed? The site is not offline. Did admin announce that the programs has officially come to an end?
- cdog94544 on Apr 04, 08:16 pm - 44 months ago (MMG)

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Rating: 1.3 / 10.0
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88.123.*.* 11 May, 13
they are back with the same lies. I have re-opened an account with the same password and my balance is 0. Atention

123.3.*.* 24 Apr, 13

176.251.*.* 15 Apr, 13
stole my money and now they have set up a new website called red valley pecan

114.79.*.* 08 Apr, 13

176.200.*.* 03 Apr, 13
My 3rd and 4rd tering received directly on my Visa card of 10 and 24$. thanks Admin

125.198.*.* 02 Apr, 13
I have a Withdrawal pending from the 31nd of march. It is funny on how poeple are getting paid. And today I requested a Withdrawal and it's still pending after 12hrs

211.3.*.* 31 Mar, 13
I am disappointed, and now they dont paying me, more than 48 hrs pending withdrawal,help me please. reao

115.178.*.* 31 Mar, 13
I'am for a week investor in this programm, but don't get profit writing by? When I send a supportticket, they don't answer me? Does anybody has this to?

210.245.*.* 30 Mar, 13
my withdrawal of $750 is still pending and I'm feeling very nervous. Admin of monitors please help me recover it. thanks

126.19.*.* 30 Mar, 13
Not pays. Scaam Pending Withdrawal: $820 more than 24 hours

59.105.*.* 30 Mar, 13
I just bought hyip hackers handbook at and I was shock after I success hack in an hyip by follow his instructions on his handbook. I have success transfer all admin's money to my account after I success steal hyip admin API detail. Like he said on his site, the truth is the truth believe it or not it's yourself. Although not all hyip can be hack in but more than 50% can be hackable like he said. Well what can I say, thanks to John Swaying for revealing everything to me.

126.15.*.* 29 Mar, 13
Do not invest this site. Withdrawal pending over 36 hours. No reply from Admin after I sent email asking for checking the withdrawal.

172.255.*.* 29 Mar, 13
Cannot Login! This site becomes Big SCAM just like STRAVIA. They just stole my past 2 days payment and them won't allow me to login. Don't invest here!

61.198.*.* 28 Mar, 13
They stole my investment USD850. They are blocking my access password. Do not invest here!

126.15.*.* 28 Mar, 13
i would say it is a scam .request a withdraw .still have not paid. lost 950$

125.198.*.* 27 Mar, 13
I have been withdraw March 21 and 23, 2013. But until now the withdrawal request not send. Please pass the information to other.

172.255.*.* 27 Mar, 13
I cannot get my withdrawal in the last 2 weeks. The pending withdrawal is automatically refunded to the account balance 24hours after I made the withdrawal request many times. It is a scammer!

106.240.*.* 26 Mar, 13
Invested $670 on 3/21/2013 .now still did not got any profit ?? any problem ?

125.192.*.* 26 Mar, 13
Selected payment ,just small payouts being processed. Over $910 in pending withdrawals.

211.201.*.* 25 Mar, 13
My withdrawal has been pending over 4 days. Game over.

60.236.*.* 25 Mar, 13
They Act like they really trusted but SCAM SCAM

126.15.*.* 24 Mar, 13
SCAM! What a pity.. I almost fell for the phishing website.

61.202.*.* 23 Mar, 13
i sent 5 email .just got one reply .but still did not sent me payment .

122.133.*.* 23 Mar, 13
closed my account WITHOUT authorization .i lost 800$ in this scam program

211.3.*.* 22 Mar, 13
all my withdrawals are pending from 3/18/2013 .and i sent email .admin delete my account .

126.15.*.* 21 Mar, 13
small payouts being processed .but 350$ still pending

211.13.*.* 20 Mar, 13
it will be scam.dont invest here! my withdraw pending a few days. admin no paid to me.

222.12.*.* 18 Mar, 13
I invested money last week but till now have not receive anything. please do something about this. I want my money back.

173.234.*.* 18 Mar, 13
Scam! Scam! Not paying. My withdrawal has been pending over 5 days. Game over. Don't invest...!

125.197.*.* 17 Mar, 13
Withdrawals pending for over 4 days! and dele my account. scam program!

109.202.*.* 16 Mar, 13
They are finished, just small payouts being processed .the admin delete my account .i did not got pay for 5 days

173.234.*.* 15 Mar, 13
Not paying, Invested $500 on 2/27/2013 ,They kept quite even after series of complain mails to their support. Why do you classify them as paying

173.208.*.* 15 Mar, 13
Over $ 120,000 in pending withdrawals. Can some one help to clear at least a part of my payments ?

178.46.*.* 07 Feb, 13

187.6.*.* 22 Jan, 13

82.162.*.* 16 Dec, 12
It's great to read something that's both enjoyable and porvides pragmatisdc solutions.

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