What You Should Know: 5 Things Made From Galvanized Metal

What You Should Know: 5 Things Made From Galvanized Metal

Most people may recognize the term galvanized steel, and many may recognize it on sight from barns or even some modern homes that are roofed with it. However, few can describe what galvanizing means. It is the process by which metal is coated to make it withstand the elements and resist corrosion. The steel or sheet metal is immersed in galvanizing tanks to be coated with molten zinc. It is then ready to make a surprising range of weather-resistant products.

Swing Sets

Remember the fun of swinging on the playground? Those mottled gray A-frame structures brought so much joy as you rushed to beat your friends to the best one. Who knew that gray metal was galvanized sheet metal?

The Hood of Your Car

Under that beautiful, shiny paint job on your vehicle, is a workhorse. No, not the engine, it’s galvanized steel, the material that covers and protects the motor. Galvanized steel is the reason that your car doesn’t immediately start rusting when the paint is inevitably chipped from rocks thrown up from the road.

Your Plumbing

If you live in an older home, chances are you could have galvanized pipes. The good news is they have an expected lifespan of around 70 years. The drawbacks are that the metal is very heavy and, once the zinc coating has worn, the metal is compromised and will corrode more quickly. If that is the case with your pipes, you will most likely have to replace them.


Chances are if you’ve ever gone down a fire escape or up a spiral staircase, it was made of galvanized sheet metal. Strong and element proof, it is a popular choice for stairs that could be exposed to the elements.

Your Computer

The protective metal housing that protects the inner workings of a computer is very likely made of galvanized metal. Also known as a tower or chassis, it covers most of the equipment other than the screen and keyboard. …

Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

Is Your Home Ready for Fall?

It’s autumn again, and that means kids are going back to school, harvests are coming in, and it’s time to do some of your annual maintenance around the house. As things cool down, you’re probably going to be relying on your air conditioning less and less, and you might find yourself using more electricity as the days get a little shorter. That’s why this is an ideal time to get a DFW electrician into your house for a seasonal check-up.

What Does a Safety Check-up Get You?

Mostly, peace of mind. Specifically, an electrician checking your home wiring and giving you feedback about potential issues will give you the opportunity to hear about things that could be a big repair bill before they are. That lets you replace a single part instead of cleaning up after a minor disaster. An electrician can also make sure you’re not overtaxing any of your home’s circuits and provide advice about how to reinforce your electrical infrastructure if you are planning a project that expands your living space or power consumption.

Why Get an Electrical Check-up During Autumn?

If you try to take on too much of your annual home maintenance in one wave, it can cause budget and time crunch issues. Avoid that and make it easy on yourself by spreading things out. Since it makes a lot of sense to schedule your HVAC check-up right before the summer heat, a lot of homeowners make autumn their time to check out the electrical system. While you’re making plans, don’t forget to have the same kind of prevention done for your other major utilities so you can enjoy your home throughout the upcoming season without having to deal with unpleasant surprises that could have been prevented. It not only makes your life easier, it protects your investment in your home.…

Starting a Cleaning Company

Starting a Cleaning Company

Everyone needs their home or business cleaned from time to time, which is one reason that opening a cleaning business can be such a lucrative career path. If you feel like cleaning homes and offices is your calling, understand the realities of owning a small business. Make money and have fun — but be prepared too!

Get Things Done in a Timely Manner

Before working with actual clients, do a trial run in a friend or relative’s home to gauge how long it takes to do an entire job top to bottom; this should give you a general idea of how many wiping rags, bottles of Windex and vacuum filters you need for a typical job. Visit a wholesale store like Costco and buy your everyday necessities in bulk.

Advertise and Find Clients

Like any small business, marketing will be your bread and butter. What strategies can you use to help you find clients?

  • A website is the first line of communication between you and clients. Check out sites like WordPress to start building one for free.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of business cards! Give a stack to local businesses and hand them out to your family and friends. Sites like Vistaprint will often have bulk sales for business cards.
  • Have you ever checked out Facebook ads? They are reasonably priced and can reach a wide variety of local audiences.

Know Your Competition

If you live in an area swarming with local cleaning companies, research your competition. Figure out what kind of rates they charge, the services they offer and check out how they advertise. What sets you apart? Why should clients choose you over your competitors?

A cleaning company can be a profitable and exciting endeavor. Starting from scratch can seem overwhelming, but good marketing and planning can help it thrive in no time at all.

Roof Challenges Through the Seasons

Roof Challenges Through the Seasons

Your roof is one the most important features of your home- it literally keeps you safe and dry. Each season comes with its own set of unique challenges for your roof to face, so how can you ensure that it stays in good working condition?


In this cold and barren season, the biggest threat to your roof is the snow. You may already be thinking about how you’ll be shoveling it off yourself or who you’ll be hiring to do that for you. However, if you manage it correctly, you won’t have to take up this arduous task after every snowfall. Turns out, all you need is the proper roof snow load measurement guide. Professionals can determine the weight of the snow by looking at its water, air and ice content, which can then inform you when and how to mitigate it.


As you all know, autumn brings the leaves. Not only do you have to clear them from your yard, but from your roof and gutter, too. Depending on the shape and material of your roof, if they are left to sit in layers too long they can cause rot. If your gutters remain backed up for an extended period the water buildup could eventually cause water damage throughout your roof and into your home. Leaves are no joke!


With spring, comes the rain, and subsequent new growth. A lot of rain can quickly point out the weaknesses of your roof, so be on the lookout for any leaks. If water damage takes hold, you could end up needing a large repair. You should also be wary of anything growing up there, vines and mosses can work themselves into cracks and eventually cause damage to your shingles.

If you put the proper love and care into your roof, it will love you back. Although it may seem like a lot to keep track of, you will get used to your seasonal responsibilities and become a true master of your home.

5 of the Strangest Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

5 of the Strangest Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

We don’t always know all the jobs that exist only to make our lives easier, more efficient or more comfortable. In fact, we may have never even heard of some of them and, if we have, we may not have a clue to what they are. If your neighbor said that he performed silicon wafer dicing, would you have any idea what he was talking about? Probably not. However, there are many of these odd but necessary professions or job functions that enable more quality products or provide a service that would not be available otherwise.


This job typically requires a Ph.D. and can pay into the 6 figure range. They formulate both natural and artificial flavorings.

Urine Farmer

Yes, you read that right. A urine farmer harvests the urine of wild animals. Deer urine is used by hunters to attract deer. Fox urine is a deterrent for squirrels and other potentially destructive wild animals.

Train Pusher

Anywhere else in the world, this would probably incite a fight. However, in Japan, it is a legitimate profession. Their trains transport 40 million passengers every day. They are so overcrowded that Oshiyas are hired to push people in until the doors can close. And you thought your commute was tough!

Dog Food Taster

Believe it or not, some people accept a job that requires them to taste dog food. The dog food taster is there to note differences in taste, texture and nutritional qualities. While they do have to put it in their mouth long enough to record the details, they do not have to consume it. Most spit it out once they have the information they need.

Cat Catcher

If you’ve ever tried to wrangle an unwilling feline into a carrier or persuade them to come out from behind heavy furniture, you know why this is a not just a skill but a valuable service. Luckily there are those brave few souls who hire out specifically for these tasks.…