Roof Challenges Through the Seasons

Roof Challenges Through the Seasons

Your roof is one the most important features of your home- it literally keeps you safe and dry. Each season comes with its own set of unique challenges for your roof to face, so how can you ensure that it stays in good working condition?


In this cold and barren season, the biggest threat to your roof is the snow. You may already be thinking about how you’ll be shoveling it off yourself or who you’ll be hiring to do that for you. However, if you manage it correctly, you won’t have to take up this arduous task after every snowfall. Turns out, all you need is the proper roof snow load measurement guide. Professionals can determine the weight of the snow by looking at its water, air and ice content, which can then inform you when and how to mitigate it.


As you all know, autumn brings the leaves. Not only do you have to clear them from your yard, but from your roof and gutter, too. Depending on the shape and material of your roof, if they are left to sit in layers too long they can cause rot. If your gutters remain backed up for an extended period the water buildup could eventually cause water damage throughout your roof and into your home. Leaves are no joke!


With spring, comes the rain, and subsequent new growth. A lot of rain can quickly point out the weaknesses of your roof, so be on the lookout for any leaks. If water damage takes hold, you could end up needing a large repair. You should also be wary of anything growing up there, vines and mosses can work themselves into cracks and eventually cause damage to your shingles.

If you put the proper love and care into your roof, it will love you back. Although it may seem like a lot to keep track of, you will get used to your seasonal responsibilities and become a true master of your home.

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