Today we have received a warning from investor of Future Trails.

Future trails has scammed me and I have detailed proof.
I have been making withdrawals from my Future Trails account to my AlertPay
account.  On December 16 Future Trails started sending me fraudlent
funds (fake AP Funds) to my AlertPay account.  AlertPay caught this and
reversed the payments from my account.  The total amount for these funds
was $1000.
I then contacted AlertPay and they told me that the admin sent me
money that did not exist.  I am not sure how this was done.  AlertPay
then told me that their security dept will not allow me to have
fraudlent funds and they were forced to reverse the payments from my
AlertPay account. 
I am now in a total loss of $1000.  I have sent in several support
tickets to Future Trails and they have never responded.  I have attached
an image of my AlertPay account to this message and have highlighed the
AlertPay reversals.  Everything can be verified with AlertPay.
I would be happy to provide you with any other documentation that you may require.

Whatever you have mentioned is an utter LIE.
I have a friend working for Alertpay.
If any merchant is found doing fraud, then their account is immidiately frozen.
You say that Futuretrails has done some "fake" Alertpay payments to your Alertpay account ???
So, how come Alertpay has not frozen or suspended Futuretrails's Alertpay account ???
What you are saying is a lie.

What he told is correct, I tried funding to my future trails account through Alertpay. But I got a message saying "You cannot make a payment to this account since this account is suspended".