Best Practices for Keeping Your Storeroom Organized

Best Practices for Keeping Your Storeroom Organized

The storeroom in your restaurant is just as important as the kitchen or the dining room. An unsanitary or disorganized storeroom can frustrate employees, waste ingredients, and compromise profit. Investing some time and money into organizing your stockroom can take your restaurant from good to great.

Label Strategically

Walking into your storeroom and locating items should be as easy as a trip to the grocery store. Take the time to label everything in your kitchen can help employees know where to find vital supplies and when to use perishable items. Purchasing some restaurant shelf labels is an easy way to document when ingredients were prepped, when they need to be used by, and what employees were involved in the process. Labeling items and shelves can aid in keeping accurate stock of inventory and knowing when to order more supplies. 

Control the Environment

The environmental conditions in your pantry can have a big impact on the shelf-life of your items. Moisture, temperature, and light are the three crucial factors to keeping food and supplies from spoiling in your stockroom. Keeping a thermometer in as easy to read area can help you quickly monitor and efficiently maintain ideal temperatures. Dark and windowless storerooms are best to prevent the oxidation that occurs when food is exposed to light. A dehumidifier can control excess moisture that rust shelving and destroy ingredients.

Use the Proper Shelving

Shelving not only makes finding supplies a breeze but it can also help you stay on top of health code standards. Getting the proper shelving ensures your goods stay sanitary and away from the floor, a common health code violation, and makes your merchandise easier to get to. Capitalizing on well-made, durable shelving material that is the right height and width for your stockroom paramount to avoiding repair fees or damage costs down the road.

When running a restaurant, it’s easy to be consumed by new recipes, customer satisfaction, and managing employees. Make sure to give your storeroom the attention it deserves to help boost your eatery to the next level.

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