What You Should Know: 5 Things Made From Galvanized Metal

What You Should Know: 5 Things Made From Galvanized Metal

Most people may recognize the term galvanized steel, and many may recognize it on sight from barns or even some modern homes that are roofed with it. However, few can describe what galvanizing means. It is the process by which metal is coated to make it withstand the elements and resist corrosion. The steel or sheet metal is immersed in galvanizing tanks to be coated with molten zinc. It is then ready to make a surprising range of weather-resistant products.

Swing Sets

Remember the fun of swinging on the playground? Those mottled gray A-frame structures brought so much joy as you rushed to beat your friends to the best one. Who knew that gray metal was galvanized sheet metal?

The Hood of Your Car

Under that beautiful, shiny paint job on your vehicle, is a workhorse. No, not the engine, it’s galvanized steel, the material that covers and protects the motor. Galvanized steel is the reason that your car doesn’t immediately start rusting when the paint is inevitably chipped from rocks thrown up from the road.

Your Plumbing

If you live in an older home, chances are you could have galvanized pipes. The good news is they have an expected lifespan of around 70 years. The drawbacks are that the metal is very heavy and, once the zinc coating has worn, the metal is compromised and will corrode more quickly. If that is the case with your pipes, you will most likely have to replace them.


Chances are if you’ve ever gone down a fire escape or up a spiral staircase, it was made of galvanized sheet metal. Strong and element proof, it is a popular choice for stairs that could be exposed to the elements.

Your Computer

The protective metal housing that protects the inner workings of a computer is very likely made of galvanized metal. Also known as a tower or chassis, it covers most of the equipment other than the screen and keyboard. 

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